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"Barriers to Entry: Antitrust’s Search for a New Look"  Pepperell, H. C., and R. W. Turner, 23/3 (Spring 1981): 29-40.
"Corporate PACs as Fundraisers"  Mulkern, John R., Edward Handler, and Lawrence Godtfredsen, 23/3 (Spring 1981): 49-55.
"Foundations of a Political Strategy for Business"  Keim, Gerald D., 23/3 (Spring 1981): 41-48.
"Free Market vs. Social Responsibility: Decision Time at the CED"  Frederick, William C., 23/3 (Spring 1981): 20-28.
"Global Competitive Pressures and Host Country Demands: Managing Tensions in MNCs"  Doz, Yves L., Christopher A. Bartlett, and C. K. Prahalad, 23/3 (Spring 1981): 63-74.
"Managerial Perceptions of Two Appraisal Systems"  Murray, R. Stuart, 23/3 (Spring 1981): 92-96.
"Monte Carlo Simulation for Management"  Richman, Eugene , and Denis Coleman, 23/3 (Spring 1981): 82-91.
"OD in Cross-Cultural Settings: Latin America"  Bourgeois, L. J., and Manuel Boltvinik, 23/3 (Spring 1981): 75-81.
"Private Management and Public Policy"  Preston, Lee E., and James E. Post, 23/3 (Spring 1981): 56-62.
"The Anti-Export Policy of the U.S."  Kaikati, Jack G., 23/3 (Spring 1981): 5-19.


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