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"Corporate Political Activism"  Sethi, S. Prakash, 24/3 (Spring 1982): 32-42.
"Deceptive Practices in Marketing Research: The Consumer's Viewpoint"  Schneider, Kenneth C., and Cynthia K. Holm, 24/3 (Spring 1982): 89-96.
"Executives under Fire: The Burnout Syndrome"  Glicken, Morley D., and Katherine Janka, 24/3 (Spring 1982): 67-72.
"Housing Crisis in California"  Gellen, Martin, 24/3 (Spring 1982): 51-59.
"HP-Grenoble: Case Study in Technology Transfer"  Schwarz, Karl, 24/3 (Spring 1982): 43-50.
"Internal Control of Managerial Integrity: Beyond Accounting Systems"  Waters, James A., and Peter D. Chant, 24/3 (Spring 1982): 60-66.
"Motivational Segments in the Sales Force"  Ingram, Thomas N., and Danny N. Bellenger, 24/3 (Spring 1982): 81-88.
"Planning Executive Dismissals: How to Fire a Friend"  Stybel, Laurence J., Robin Cooper, and Maryanne Peabody, 24/3 (Spring 1982): 73-80.
"Rationalizing the Unrelated Acquisition"  Leontiades, Milton, 24/3 (Spring 1982): 5-14.
"Selecting Among Alternative Grand Strategies"  Pearce, John A., 24/3 (Spring 1982): 23-31.
"Strategic Management for Multiprogram Nonprofit Organizations"  Gruber, Robert E., and Mary Mohr, 24/3 (Spring 1982): 15-22.


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