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"A Guide to Japanese Business Practices"  Otsubo, Mayumi, 28/3 (Spring 1986): 28-42. *
"Corporate Community Involvement in the San Francisco Bay Area"  Burke, Lee , Jeanne M. Logsdon, Will Mitchell, Martha Reiner, and David J. Vogel, 28/3 (Spring 1986): 122-141.
"Japanese Telecommunications: Reforms and Trade Implications"  Borrus, Michael, 28/3 (Spring 1986): 43-61.
"Marketing Strategy in a Slow Growth Economy"  Webster, Frederick E., 28/3 (Spring 1986): 93-105. *
"Organizations: New Concepts for New Forms"  Miles, Raymond E., and Charles C. Snow, 28/3 (Spring 1986): 62-73.
"Organizing for Innovation"  Tushman, Michael L., and David A. Nadler, 28/3 (Spring 1986): 74-92.
"Public Entrepreneurs: Who They Are and How They Operate"  Ramamurti, Ravi, 28/3 (Spring 1986): 142-158.
"Specialization and the MBA: Is the Broad MBA Passé?"  Hunt, Shelby D., and Paul Surgi Speck, 28/3 (Spring 1986): 159-175.
"The Japanese Corporation as Competitor"  Abegglen, James C., and George Stalk, 28/3 (Spring 1986): 9-27. *
"Whither Corporate Social Reporting: Is It Time to Legislate?"  Dierkes, Meinolf , and Ariane Berthoin Antal, 28/3 (Spring 1986): 106-121.

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