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"Codetermination and Industrial Adjustment in February 1987: A Few Comments on Ms. Thelen’s ‘A Comparative Interpretation’"  Thimm, Alfred L., 29/3 (Spring 1987): 149-153.
"Codetermination and Industrial Adjustment in the German Steel Industry: A Comparative Interpretation"  Thelen, Kathleen, 29/3 (Spring 1987): 134-148.
"Codetermination and Industry Policy: The Special Case of the German Steel Industry"  Thimm, Alfred L., 29/3 (Spring 1987): 115-133.
"Japan's Role in the World Economy: A New Appraisal"  Ohmae, Kenichi, 29/3 (Spring 1987): 42-58. *
"The Corporate Social Policy Process: Beyond Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Corporate Social Responsiveness"  Epstein, Edwin M., 29/3 (Spring 1987): 99-114.
"The Emergence of the Free Market Retailing in the People's Republic of China: Promises and Consequences"  Vernon-Wortzel, Heidi , and Lawrence H. Wortzel, 29/3 (Spring 1987): 59-76.
"The Future of Silicon Valley"  Grove, Andrew S., 29/3 (Spring 1987): 154-160.
"The Strategic Advantages of the Factory of the Future"  Meredith, Jack R., 29/3 (Spring 1987): 27-41.
"What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: The Case for ‘Special Counsel’ Investigations"  Anderson, Howard T., and Edwin H. Stier, 29/3 (Spring 1987): 77-98.
"Why Manufacturing Matters: The Myth of the Post-Industrial Economy"  Cohen, Stephen S., and John Zysman, 29/3 (Spring 1987): 9-26. *

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