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"Competitiveness and Human Resources"  Duffey, Joseph, 30/3 (Spring 1988): 92-100. *
"Creating Organizational Order Out of Chaos: Self-Renewal in Japanese Firms"  Nonaka, Ikujiro, 30/3 (Spring 1988): 57-73.
"Hiring Women Managers in Japan: An Alternative for Foreign Employers"  Lansing, Paul , and Kathryn Ready, 30/3 (Spring 1988): 112-127.
"Managing Flexible Automation"  Adler, Paul S., 30/3 (Spring 1988): 34-56.
"Off-Site Workers: At Home and Abroad"  Metzger, Robert O., and Mary Ann Von Glinow, 30/3 (Spring 1988): 101-111.
"Pension Plans vs. Mutual Funds: Is the Client Victim or Culprit?"  Berkowitz, Stephen A., Louis D. Finney, and Dennis E. Logue, 30/3 (Spring 1988): 74-91.
"The Logic of Joint Research and Development"  Ouchi, William G., and Michele Kremen Bolton, 30/3 (Spring 1988): 9-33.
"The Self-Destructive Corporation"  Weaver, Paul H., 30/3 (Spring 1988): 128-143. *

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