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"Competition and Cooperation: Striking the Right Balance"  Jorde, Thomas M., and David J. Teece, 31/3 (Spring 1989): 25-37.
"Educating Our MBAs: On Teaching What We Haven't Taught"  Leavitt, Harold J., 31/3 (Spring 1989): 38-50.
"How Small to Mid-Sized Firms Can Profit from Perestroika"  Vlachoutsikos, Charalambos, 31/3 (Spring 1989): 91-112.
"Implementing a Manufacturing Planning and Control System"  Duchessi, Peter , Charles M. Schaninger, and Don R. Hobbs, 31/3 (Spring 1989): 75-90.
"Telecommunications Policy in Japan: Lessons for the U.S."  Harris, Robert G., 31/3 (Spring 1989): 113-131.
"The American Corporation and Its New Relationships"  Lodge, George C., and Richard E. Walton, 31/3 (Spring 1989): 9-24.
"The Interplay of Industrial Policy and International Strategy: Japan's Machine Tool Industry"  Sarathy, Ravi, 31/3 (Spring 1989): 132-160.
"When Change and Continuity Collide: Capitalizing on Strategic Gridlock in Financial Services"  Sippel, Erich W., 31/3 (Spring 1989): 51-74.


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