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"Does Venture Capital Foster the Most Promising Entrepreneurial Firms?"  Amit, Raphael , Lawrence R. Glosten, and Eitan Muller, 32/3 (Spring 1990): 102-111.
"Innovation, Industry Specialization, and Shareholder Wealth"  Gartrell, Kenneth D., 32/3 (Spring 1990): 87-101.
"Patterns of Strategic Choice in Emerging Firms: Positioning for Innovation in Biotechnology"  Hamilton, William F., Joaquim VilĂ , and Mark D. Dibner, 32/3 (Spring 1990): 73-86.
"Redundant, Overlapping Organization: A Japanese Approach to Managing the Innovation Process"  Nonaka, Ikujiro, 32/3 (Spring 1990): 27-38.
"Speed and Strategic Choice: How Managers Accelerate Decision Making"  Eisenhardt, Kathleen M., 32/3 (Spring 1990): 39-54.
"Strategic Challenges in Commercializing Biotechnology"  Fildes, Robert A., 32/3 (Spring 1990): 63-72.
"Strategies for Innovation: An Overview"  Harris, Robert G., and David C. Mowery, 32/3 (Spring 1990): 7-16.
"The Chief Technology Officer"  Adler, Paul S., and Kasra Ferdows, 32/3 (Spring 1990): 55-62.
"What We Know about the Strategic Management of Technology"  Pavitt, Keith, 32/3 (Spring 1990): 17-26.


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