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"Do Good, Do Well: The Business Enterprise Trust Awards"  O’Toole, James, 33/3 (Spring 1991): 9-24.
"East Europe's Troubles Open a New Route for Japanese Expansion"  Cutts, Robert L., 33/3 (Spring 1991): 58-72.
"Ethics and Working with the Japanese: The Entrepreneur and the 'Elite Course'"  Gundling, Ernest, 33/3 (Spring 1991): 25-39.
"Nobody's Grandfather Was a Merchant: Understanding the Soviet Commercial Negotiation Process and Style"  Rajan, Mahesh N., and John L. Graham, 33/3 (Spring 1991): 40-57.
"Partnering as a Focused Market Strategy"  Anderson, James C., and James A. Narus, 33/3 (Spring 1991): 95-113.
"Preaching the Gospel: The Evangelists of New Technology"  Beatty, Carol A., and John R.M. Gordon, 33/3 (Spring 1991): 73-94.
"The Resource-Based Theory of Competitive Advantage: Implications for Strategy Formulation"  Grant, Robert M., 33/3 (Spring 1991): 114-135.


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