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"A Perspective on Quality Activities in American Firms"  Kano, Noriaki, 35/3 (Spring 1993): 12-31.
"Continuous Quality Improvement as a Survival Strategy: The Southern Pacific Experience"  Carman, James M., 35/3 (Spring 1993): 118-132.
"Quality, Participation, and Competitiveness"  Cole, Robert E., Paul Bacdayan, and B. Joseph White, 35/3 (Spring 1993): 68-81.
"Quality, Strategy, and Competitiveness"  Belohlav, James A., 35/3 (Spring 1993): 55-67.
"The 1993 State of U.S. Total Quality Management: A Baldrige Examiner's Perspective"  Easton, George, 35/3 (Spring 1993): 32-54.
"Total Quality Management in a Small, High-Technology Company"  Price, Michael , and E. Eva Chen, 35/3 (Spring 1993): 96-117.
"Vision, Values, and Milestones: Paul O'Neill Starts Total Quality at Alcoa"  Kolesar, Peter J., 35/3 (Spring 1993): 133-165.
"Why Improving Quality Doesn't Improve Quality (Or Whatever Happened to Marketing?)"  Kordupleski, Raymond E., Roland T. Rust, and Anthony J. Zahorik, 35/3 (Spring 1993): 82-95.


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