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"Business Process Reengineering: Charting a Strategic Path for the Information Age"  Teng, James T. C., Varun Grover, and Kirk D. Fiedler, 36/3 (Spring 1994): 9-31.
"Business, Corruption, and the Haitian Military"  Laguerre, Michel S., 36/3 (Spring 1994): 89-106.
"Constraints on Capitalism in Russia: The Managerial Psyche, Social Infrastructure, and Ideology"  Holt, David H., David A. Ralston, and Robert H. Terpstra, 36/3 (Spring 1994): 124-141.
"Managing Product Definition in High Technology Industries: A Pilot Study"  Bacon, Glenn , Sara L. Beckman, David C. Mowery, and Edith Wilson, 36/3 (Spring 1994): 32-56.
"Strategies for Change in the Service Sector: The Global Telecommunications Industry"  Dowling, Michael J., William R. Boulton, and Sidney W. Elliott, 36/3 (Spring 1994): 57-88.
"The New 'American Challenge': Foreign Multinationals in the United States"  Rosenzweig, Philip M., 36/3 (Spring 1994): 107-123.
"The Small Firms Myth"  Harrison, Bennett, 36/3 (Spring 1994): 142-158. *

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