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"Creating a Strategic Center to Manage a Web of Partners"  Lorenzoni, Gianni , and Charles Baden-Fuller, 37/3 (Spring 1995): 146-163.
"Disclosure and Litigation"  Lev, Baruch, 37/3 (Spring 1995): 8-28.
"Entry Strategies of U.S. Firms to the Newly Independent States, Baltic States, and Eastern European Countries"  Shama, Avraham, 37/3 (Spring 1995): 90-109.
"Estimating Environmental Liability: Quantifying the Unknown"  Schoemaker, Paul J.H., and Joyce A. Schoemaker, 37/3 (Spring 1995): 29-61.
"Flexible Re-Cycling and High-Technology Entrepreneurship"  Bahrami, Homa , and Stuart Evans, 37/3 (Spring 1995): 62-89.
"Fragmentation and the Other Problems CEOs Have with Their Top Management Teams"  Hambrick, Donald C., 37/3 (Spring 1995): 110-127.
"Keys to Success in Corporate Redesign"  Miles, Raymond E., Henry J. Coleman, and W.E. Douglas Creed, 37/3 (Spring 1995): 128-145.


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