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"Business and International Environmental Treaties: Ozone Depletion and Climate Change"  Levy, David L., 39/3 (Spring 1997): 54-71.
"Green Schemes: Corporate Environmental Strategies and Their Implementation"  Maxwell, James , Sandra Rothenberg, Forrest Briscoe, and Alfred A. Marcus, 39/3 (Spring 1997): 118-134.
"Has Globalization Gone Too Far?"  Rodrik, Dani, 39/3 (Spring 1997): 29-53. *
"Lawyers Abroad: The Internationalization of Legal Practice"  Spar, Debora L., 39/3 (Spring 1997): 8-28.
"The Dynamics of Samsung's Technological Learning in Semiconductors"  Kim, Linsu, 39/3 (Spring 1997): 86-100.
"The Many Faces of Multi-Firm Alliances: Lessons For Managers"  Hwang, Peter , and Willem P. Burgers, 39/3 (Spring 1997): 101-117.
"The New Task of R&D Management: Creating Goal-Directed Communities for Innovation"  Judge, William Q., Gerald E. Fryxell, and Robert S. Dooley, 39/3 (Spring 1997): 72-85.

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