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"Capturing Value from Knowledge Assets: The New Economy, Markets for Know-How, and Intangible Assets"  Teece, David J., 40/3 (Spring 1998): 55-79.
"Care in Knowledge Creation"  von Krogh, Georg, 40/3 (Spring 1998): 133-153.
"Firms as Knowledge Brokers: Lessons in Pursuing Continuous Innovation"  Hargadon, Andrew B., 40/3 (Spring 1998): 209-227.
"If Only We Knew What We Know: Identification and Transfer of Internal Best Practices"  O’Dell, Carla , and C. Jackson Grayson, 40/3 (Spring 1998): 154-174.
"Introduction: Special Issue on Knowledge and the Firm"  Cole, Robert E., 40/3 (Spring 1998): 15-21.
"Knowledge Research Issues"  Holtshouse, Dan, 40/3 (Spring 1998): 277-280.
"Learning from Collaboration: Knowledge and Networks in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries"  Powell, Walter W., 40/3 (Spring 1998): 228-240.
"Managing Customer Support Knowledge"  Davenport, Thomas H., and Philip Klahr, 40/3 (Spring 1998): 195-208.
"Measuring the Knower: Towards a Theory of Knowledge Equity"  Glazer, Rashi, 40/3 (Spring 1998): 175-194.
"Organizational Learning and Purchase-Supply Relations in Japan: Hitachi, Matsushita, and Toyota Compared"  Lincoln, James R., Christina L. Ahmadjian, and Eliot Mason, 40/3 (Spring 1998): 241-264.
"Organizing Knowledge"  Brown, John Seely, and Paul Duguid, 40/3 (Spring 1998): 90-111.
"Research Directions for Knowledge Management"  Teece, David J., 40/3 (Spring 1998): 289-292.
"Some Conceptual and Research Barriers to the Utilization of Knowledge"  Miles, Grant , Raymond E. Miles, Vincenzo Perrone, and Leif Edvinsson, 40/3 (Spring 1998): 281-288.
"The Concept of 'Ba': Building a Foundation for Knowledge Creation"  Nonaka, Ikujiro , and Noboru Konno, 40/3 (Spring 1998): 40-54.
"The Eleven Deadliest Sins of Knowledge Management"  Fahey, Liam , and Laurence Prusak, 40/3 (Spring 1998): 265-276.
"The Role of Tacit Knowledge in Group Innovation"  Leonard, Dorothy , and Sylvia Sensiper, 40/3 (Spring 1998): 112-132.
"The State of the Notion: Knowledge Management in Practice"  Ruggles, Rudy, 40/3 (Spring 1998): 80-89.
"Toward a Knowledge Context: Report on the First Annual U.C. Berkeley Forum on Knowledge and the Firm"  Cohen, Don, 40/3 (Spring 1998): 22-39.


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