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"Building a Company on Internet Time: Lessons from Netscape"  Yoffie, David B., and Michael A. Cusumano, 41/3 (Spring 1999): 8-28.
"Central Dilemmas of Managing Innovation in Large Firms"  Sharma, Anurag, 41/3 (Spring 1999): 147-164.
"Competition, Strategy, and Business Performance"  McGahan, Anita M., 41/3 (Spring 1999): 74-101.
"Consistent Human Resource Practices"  Baron, James N., and David M. Kreps, 41/3 (Spring 1999): 29-53. *
"Developing a Knowledge Strategy"  Zack, Michael H., 41/3 (Spring 1999): 125-146.
"Managing Brands for the Long Run: Effective Brand Reinforcement and Revitalization Strategies"  Keller, Kevin Lane, 41/3 (Spring 1999): 102-124.
"Transforming an Organization: Using Models to Foster a Strategic Conversation"  Chesley, Julie A., and Mike S. Wenger, 41/3 (Spring 1999): 54-73.

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