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"Cross-Border Acquisitions of U.S. Technology Assets"  Inkpen, Andrew C., Anant K. Sundaram, and Kristin Rockwood, 42/3 (Spring 2000): 50-71.
"Designing Corporate Ventures in the Shadow of Private Venture Capital"  Chesbrough, Henry W., 42/3 (Spring 2000): 31-49.
"E-Retail: Gold Rush or Fool's Gold?"  Rosen, Kenneth T., and Amanda L. Howard, 42/3 (Spring 2000): 72-100.
"In Defense of Strategy as Design"  Liedtka, Jeanne M., 42/3 (Spring 2000): 8-30.
"Paradox of Coordination and Control"  Gittell, Jody Hoffer, 42/3 (Spring 2000): 101-117.
"Strategic Integration: Competing in the Age of Capabilities"  Fuchs, Peter H., Kenneth E. Mifflin, Danny Miller, and John O. Whitney, 42/3 (Spring 2000): 118-147.
"Why Corporate Demography Matters: Policy Implications of Organizational Diversity"  Carroll, Glenn R., and Michael T. Hannan, 42/3 (Spring 2000): 148-163.


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