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"Aligning Supply Chain Strategies with Product Uncertainties"  Lee, Hau L., 44/3 (Spring 2002): 105-119.
"Customer Relationship Management: In B2C Markets, Often Less Is More"  Dowling, Grahame, 44/3 (Spring 2002): 87-104.
"Managing the Multiple Identities of the Corporation"  Balmer, John M.T., and Stephen A. Greyser, 44/3 (Spring 2002): 72-86.
"NTT DoCoMo and Its i-mode Success: Origins and Implications"  Ratliff, John, 44/3 (Spring 2002): 55-71.
"Organizational Blueprints for Success in High-Tech Start-Ups: Lessons from the Stanford Project on Emerging Companies"  Baron, James N., and Michael T. Hannan, 44/3 (Spring 2002): 8-36.
"Strategy from the Inside Out: Building Capability-Creating Organizations"  Miller, Danny , Russell Eisenstat, and Nathaniel Foote, 44/3 (Spring 2002): 37-54.
"The Citizen Sector: Becoming as Entrepreneurial and Competitive as Business"  Drayton, William, 44/3 (Spring 2002): 120-132.


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