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"Knowledge-Sharing Hostility in Russian Firms"  Michailova, Snejina , and Kenneth Husted, 45/3 (Spring 2003): 59-77.
"Technological Leapfrogging: Lessons from the U.S. Video Game Console Industry"  Schilling, Melissa A., 45/3 (Spring 2003): 6-32.
"The Growing Strategic Importance of End-of-Life Product Management"  Toffel, Michael W., 45/3 (Spring 2003): 102-129.
"The Logic of Open Innovation: Managing Intellectual Property"  Chesbrough, Henry W., 45/3 (Spring 2003): 33-58. *
"The Power of Activism: Assessing the Impact of NGOs on Global Business"  Spar, Debora L., and Lane T. La Mure, 45/3 (Spring 2003): 78-101.
"The Role of Differentiation in Markets Driven by Advertising"  Soberman, David A., 45/3 (Spring 2003): 130-146.
"Unleashing the Power of Yield Management in the Internet Era: Opportunities and Challenges"  Marmorstein, Howard , Jeanne Rossomme, and Dan Sarel, 45/3 (Spring 2003): 147-167.

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