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"Blue Ocean Strategy: From Theory to Practice"  Kim, W. Chan, and RenĂ©e Mauborgne, 47/3 (Spring 2005): 105-121. *
"Business Responses to Climate Change: Identifying Emergent Strategies"  Kolk, Ans , and Jonatan Pinkse, 47/3 (Spring 2005): 6-20.
"Climate Change Strategy: The Business Logic Behind Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Reductions"  Hoffman, Andrew J., 47/3 (Spring 2005): 21-46.
"Defining Property Rights: The Case of Knowledge-Based Resources"  Costello, Ayse Olcay, and Thomas G. Costello, 47/3 (Spring 2005): 143-155.
"Organizational DNA for Strategic Innovation"  Govindarajan, Vijay , and Chris Trimble, 47/3 (Spring 2005): 47-76.
"Shrinking Core, Expanding Periphery: The Relational Architecture of High-Performing Organizations"  Gulati, Ranjay , and David Kletter, 47/3 (Spring 2005): 77-104.
"The Impacts of IT on Firm and Industry Structure: The Personal Computer Industry"  Dedrick, Jason , and Kenneth L. Kraemer, 47/3 (Spring 2005): 122-142.

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