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"Business Models for Technology in Developing World: The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations"  Chesbrough, Henry W., Shane Ahern, Megan Finn, and Stephane Guerraz, 48/3 (Spring 2006): 48-61.
"Management Half-Truths and Nonsense: How to Practice Evidence-Based Management"  Pfeffer, Jeffrey , and Robert I. Sutton, 48/3 (Spring 2006): 77-100. *
"Management Learning Not Management Control: The True Role of Performance Measurement"  Neely, Andrew , and Mohammed Al Najjar, 48/3 (Spring 2006): 101-114.
"Managing in a 'Small World Ecosystem': Lessons from the Software Sector"  Iyer, Bala , Chi-Hyon Lee, and N. Venkatraman, 48/3 (Spring 2006): 28-47.
"Managing the Strategic Dynamics of Acquisition Integration: Lessons from HP and Compaq"  Burgelman, Robert A., and Richard N. McKinney, 48/3 (Spring 2006): 6-27.
"Medical Errors and Quality of Care: From Control to Commitment"  Khatri, Naresh , Alok Baveja, Suzanne A. Boren, and Abate Mammo, 48/3 (Spring 2006): 115-141.
"The Decline of Emerging Economy Joint Ventures: The Case of India"  Kale, Prashant , and Jaideep Anand, 48/3 (Spring 2006): 62-76.

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