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"Choosing to Learn and Learning to Choose: Strategies for Client Co-Production and Knowledge Development"  Skjølsvik, Tale , Bente R. Løwendahl, Ragnhild Kvålshaugen, and Siw M. Fosstenløkken, 49/3 (Spring 2007): 110-128.
"Defining the Minimum Winning Game in High-Technology Ventures"  Burgelman, Robert A., and Robert E. Siegel, 49/3 (Spring 2007): 6-26.
"Finding, Forming, and Performing: Creating Networks for Discontinuous Innovation"  Birkinshaw, Julian , John Bessant, and Rick Delbridge, 49/3 (Spring 2007): 67-84.
"Managing Change through Networks and Values"  Johnson-Cramer, Michael E., Salvatore Parise, and Rob Cross, 49/3 (Spring 2007): 85-109.
"The Market for Innovation: Implications for Corporate Strategy"  Chesbrough, Henry W., 49/3 (Spring 2007): 45-66. *
"The Pursuit of Relevance in Management Education"  Augier, Mie-Sophia Elisabeth, and James G. March, 49/3 (Spring 2007): 129-146.
"Today’s Solution and Tomorrow’s Problem: The Business Process Outsourcing Risk Management Puzzle"  Shi, Yuwei, 49/3 (Spring 2007): 27-44.

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