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"Cutting the Strategy Diamond in High-Technology Ventures"  Burgelman, Robert A., and Robert E. Siegel, 50/3 (Spring 2008): 140-167.
"Information Services in the U.S. Economy: Values, Jobs, and Management Implications"  Apte, Uday M., Uday S. Karmarkar, and Hiranya K. Nath, 50/3 (Spring 2008): 12-30.
"Introduction"  Chesbrough, Henry W., 50/3 (Spring 2008): 6-11.
"Service Blueprinting: A Practical Technique for Service Innovation"  Bitner, Mary Jo , Amy L. Ostrom, and Felicia N. Morgan, 50/3 (Spring 2008): 66-94.
"Service Innovation Myopia? A New Recipe for Client-Provider Value Creation"  Möller, Kristian , Risto Rajala, and Mika Westerlund, 50/3 (Spring 2008): 31-48.
"Service-Logic Innovations: How to Innovate Customers, Not Products"  Michel, Stefan , Stephen W. Brown, and Andrew S. Gallan, 50/3 (Spring 2008): 49-65.
"The Dynamics of Strategic Agility"  Doz, Yves L., and Mikko Kosonen, 50/3 (Spring 2008): 95-118.
"The Future Challenges of Business: Rethinking Management Education"  Schoemaker, Paul J.H., 50/3 (Spring 2008): 119-139.


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