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"Aligning Identity and Strategy: Corporate Branding at British Airways in the Late 20th Century"  Balmer, John M.T., Helen Stuart, and Stephen A. Greyser, 51/3 (Spring 2009): 6-23.
"Connecting Up Strategy: Are Senior Strategy Directors a Missing Link?"  Angwin, Duncan , Sotirios Paroutis, and Sarah Mitson, 51/3 (Spring 2009): 74-94.
"Executing Strategic Change: Understanding the Critical Management Elements that Lead to Success"  Franken, Arnoud , Chris Edwards, and Rob Lambert, 51/3 (Spring 2009): 49-73.
"Governing Information Technology Risk"  Parent, Michael , and Blaize Horner Reich, 51/3 (Spring 2009): 134-152.
"Scaling Social Entrepreneurial Impact"  Bloom, Paul N., and Aaron Chatterji, 51/3 (Spring 2009): 114-133.
"The Role of Collaboration in Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility Objectives"  Peloza, John , and Loren Falkenberg, 51/3 (Spring 2009): 95-113.
"Value Creation Architectures and Competitive Advantage: Lessons from the European Automobile Industry"  Dietl, Helmut , Susanne Royer, and Uwe Stratmann, 51/3 (Spring 2009): 24-48.


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