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"Ambient Communication: How to Engage Consumers in Urban Touch-Points"  Gambetti, Rossella C., 52/3 (Spring 2010): 34-51.
"Building Sustainable High-Growth Startup Companies: Management Systems as an Accelerator"  Davila, Antonio , George Foster, and Ning Jia, 52/3 (Spring 2010): 79-105.
"Fiat: Open Innovation in a Downturn (1993-2003)"  Di Minin, Alberto , Federico Frattini, and Andrea Piccaluga, 52/3 (Spring 2010): 132-159.
"Open Innovation and the Stage-Gate Process: A Revised Model for New Product Development"  Grönlund, Johan , David Rönnberg Sjödin, and Johan Frishammar, 52/3 (Spring 2010): 106-131.
"Public Responsibility and Private Enterprise in Developing Countries"  Valente, Mike , and Andrew Crane, 52/3 (Spring 2010): 52-78.
"The Impact of Illegal Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing on the Media Industry"  Goel, Sanjay , Paul Miesing, and Uday Chandra, 52/3 (Spring 2010): 6-33.


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