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"Developing and Diffusing New Technologies: Strategies for Legitimization"  Hall, Jeremy , Vernon Bachor, and Stelvia Matos, 56/3 (Spring 2014): 98-117.
"How Do Different Types of Mergers and Acquisitions Facilitate Strategic Agility?"  Brueller, Nir N., Abraham Carmeli, and Israel Drori, 56/3 (Spring 2014): 39-57.
"How to Tell which Decisions are Strategic"  Shivakumar, Ram, 56/3 (Spring 2014): 78-97.
"Maersk Line: B2B Social Media - "It's Communication, Not Marketing""  Katona, Zsolt , and Miklos Sarvary, 56/3 (Spring 2014): 142-156.
"Paradoxical Leadership to Enable Strategic Agility"  Lewis, Marianne W., Constantine Andriopoulos, and Wendy K. Smith, 56/3 (Spring 2014): 58-77.
"Strategic Agility in MNEs: Managing Tensions to Capture Opportunities Across Emerging and Established Markets"  Fourne, Sebastian P.L., Justin J.P. Jansen, and Tom J.M. Mom, 56/3 (Spring 2014): 13-38.
"Strategic Agility: A State of the Art Introduction to the Special Section on Strategic Agility"  Weber, Yaakov , and Shlomo Y. Tarba, 56/3 (Spring 2014): 1-8.
"What Impact? A Framework for Measuring the Scale and Scope of Social Performance"  Ebrahim, Alnoor , and V. Kasturi Rangan, 56/3 (Spring 2014): 118-141.


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