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"Benefit Corporation Legislation and the Emergence of a Social Hybrid Category"  Rawhouser, Hans , Michael Cummings, and Andrew Crane, 57/3 (Spring 2015): 13-35.
"How Hybrid Organizations Turn Antagonistic Assets into Complementarities"  Hockerts, Kai, 57/3 (Spring 2015): 83-106.
"Hybrid Organizations as Shape-Shifters: Altering Legal Structure for Strategic Gain"  Haigh, Nardia , Elena Dowin Kennedy, and John Walker, 57/3 (Spring 2015): 59-82.
"Hybrid Organizations: Origins, Strategies, Impacts, and Implications"  Haigh, Nardia , John Walker, Sophie Bacq, and Jill Kickul, 57/3 (Spring 2015): 5-13.
"Identifying, Mapping, and Monitoring the Impact of Hybrid Firms"  Holt, Diane , and David Littlewood, 57/3 (Spring 2015): 107-125.
"Making Hybrids Work: Aligning Business Models and Organizational Design for Social Enterprises"  Santos, Filipe , Anne-Claire Pache, and Christoph Birkholz, 57/3 (Spring 2015): 36-58.
"Strategic Responses to Hybrid Social Ventures"  Lee, Matthew , and Jason Jay, 57/3 (Spring 2015): 126-147.


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