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"EDP and the Disenchanted"  Kaufman, Felix, 1/4 (Summer 1959): 67-73.
"From Poor Richard To the Man in the Gray Flannel Suit: A Literary Portrait of the Businessman"  Falk, Robert P., 1/4 (Summer 1959): 1-14.
"Inflation and Public Utility Regulation"  Morrissey, Fred P., 1/4 (Summer 1959): 74-88.
"Managerial Strategy Through Classification and Coding"  Koch, Edward G., 1/4 (Summer 1959): 56-66.
"Planning for Diversification through Merger"  Andersen, Theodore A., H. Igor Ansoff, Frank Norton, and J. Fred Weston, 1/4 (Summer 1959): 24-35.
"The Corporate Image in Public Relations"  Eells, Richard, 1/4 (Summer 1959): 15-23.
"The Decline of Collective Bargaining on General Wage Increases"  Soffer, Benson, 1/4 (Summer 1959): 43-55.
"The Strategy of Interdependent Decisions"  Boulden, James B., and Elwood S. Buffa, 1/4 (Summer 1959): 94-100.
"Trend Toward More Equal Distribution of Income"  Soltow, Lee, 1/4 (Summer 1959): 89-93.
"Unions, Anti-Trust Laws and Inflation"  Meyers, Frederic, 1/4 (Summer 1959): 36-42.


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