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"How Aspiring Managers Promote Their Own Careers"  Dill, William R., Thomas L. Hilton, and Walter R. Reitman, 2/4 (Summer 1960): 9-15.
"How to Forecast Defense Expenditures"  Steiner, George A., 2/4 (Summer 1960): 84-99.
"Methods for Forecasting Consumer Demand for Specific Products"  Dresch, Francis W., 2/4 (Summer 1960): 62-72.
"Quantitative Methods in R&D Management"  Freeman, Raoul J., 2/4 (Summer 1960): 36-44.
"The Growing Concern Over Business Responsibility"  Frederick, William C., 2/4 (Summer 1960): 54-61.
"The Outlook for Canadian Growth in the Early 1960’s"  Holton, Richard H., and David C. Smith, 2/4 (Summer 1960): 24-35.
"The Staggering Problems in Managing National Defense"  George, Edwin B., 2/4 (Summer 1960): 73-83.
"What Every Businessman Should Know About the Antitrust Laws"  Hansen, Victor R., 2/4 (Summer 1960): 16-0.
"Why the British Shelved Compulsory Arbitration"  Armstrong, Eric G.A., 2/4 (Summer 1960): 45-53.


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