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"A System Diagram of the Functions of a Manager"  Goodman, Richard Alan, 10/4 (Summer 1968): 27-38.
"Capital Budgeting and the Multinational Corporation"  Stonehill, Arthur , and Leonard Nathanson, 10/4 (Summer 1968): 39-54.
"Forecasting Employment and Industrial Location in the San Francisco Bay Area"  Goldberg, Michael A., and Gerald R. Walter, 10/4 (Summer 1968): 13-26.
"Marketing and Management Science--A Marriage on the Rocks?"  Cardwell, John J., 10/4 (Summer 1968): 3-12.
"Plant Financing, Accounting, and Divisional Targetry"  Staubus, George J., 10/4 (Summer 1968): 81-94.
"Readiness for Management Development: An Exploratory Note"  Lundberg, Craig C., and Robert E. Sproule, 10/4 (Summer 1968): 73-80.
"The Dual Distribution Bills: What Are They All About?"  Savitt, Ronald, 10/4 (Summer 1968): 55-60.
"Use of Corporate Planning Groups in the Analysis of Corporate Acquisitions"  Mason, R. Hal, 10/4 (Summer 1968): 61-72.


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