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"A Decision Rule for Determining Pension and Endowment Funds’ Portfolio Mix"  Tyndall, D. Gordon, 12/4 (Summer 1970): 43-52.
"BOOK REVIEW: Business Corporations and the Black Man"  Purcell, Theodore V., 12/4 (Summer 1970): 95-96.
"Contests Have Side Effects Too"  Hampton, David R., 12/4 (Summer 1970): 86-94.
"Learning and Behavior Without Awareness: Their Implications to Consumer Behavior and Sovereignty"  Oshikawa, Sadaomi, 12/4 (Summer 1970): 61-69.
"Length of Product Line"  Murray, George R., and Harry B. Wolfe, 12/4 (Summer 1970): 79-85.
"Role Conflict and Multiple Authority in Complex Organizations"  House, Robert J., 12/4 (Summer 1970): 53-60.
"Setting Goals in Management by Objectives"  Tosi, Henry L., John R. Rizzo, and Stephen J. Carroll, 12/4 (Summer 1970): 70-78.
"The Origins and Careers of American Business, Government and Academic Elites"  Ferrari, Michael R., 12/4 (Summer 1970): 26-32.
"The Utilization of Scientific and Engineering Manpower in Industry"  Marcson, Simon, 12/4 (Summer 1970): 33-42.


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