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"A New Strategy for Job Enrichment"  Hackman, J. Richard, Greg R. Oldham, Robert Janson, and Kenneth Purdy, 17/4 (Summer 1975): 57-71.
"A Strategy for Natural Survival"  Gavin, James M., 17/4 (Summer 1975): 5-10.
"Applying Decision Theory to Improve Corporate Management of Currency-Exchange Risks"  Wheelwright, Steven C., 17/4 (Summer 1975): 41-49.
"Beyond the Analytic Manager, Part II"  Leavitt, Harold J., 17/4 (Summer 1975): 11-21.
"BOOK REVIEW: The Public’s Expectations of Business"  Vogel, David J., 17/4 (Summer 1975): 85-89.
"Exploding Some Myths About Women Managers"  Reif, William E., John W. Newstrom, and Robert M. Monczka, 17/4 (Summer 1975): 72-79.
"Interpretation of Seasonally Adjusted Data"  Jastram, Roy W., 17/4 (Summer 1975): 90-91.
"National Differences in the Use of Internal Transfer Prices"  Granick, David, 17/4 (Summer 1975): 28-40.
"The Cost of Being an Artist"  Adizes, Ichak, 17/4 (Summer 1975): 80-84.
"The Management Information System Is Going to Pieces"  Mandell, Steven L., 17/4 (Summer 1975): 50-56.
"U.S. Investments in Middle East Petroleum"  Jackson, H. Noel, 17/4 (Summer 1975): 22-27.


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