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"Cash Flow Versus Accounting Exposures to Currency Risk"  George, Abraham M., 20/4 (Summer 1978): 50-55.
"Comparing Corporate Social Performance: Germany, France, Canada, and the U.S."  Preston, Lee E., Francoise Rey, and Meinolf Dierkes, 20/4 (Summer 1978): 40-49.
"Designing Appraisal Systems for Information Yield"  Cummings, L. L., and Donald P. Schwab, 20/4 (Summer 1978): 18-25.
"Executive Search Today"  Kenny, Roger M., 20/4 (Summer 1978): 79-83.
"Management Training and Post-Industrial Apologetics"  Guyot, James F., 20/4 (Summer 1978): 84-93.
"Marketing Quality Control: An Alternative to Consumer Affairs"  Divita, Salvatore F., 20/4 (Summer 1978): 74-78.
"The Consumer Affairs Office: Essential Element in Corporate Policy and Planning"  Jones, Mary Gardiner, 20/4 (Summer 1978): 63-73.
"The New Equality: Bureaucracy’s Trojan Horse"  Votaw, Dow, 20/4 (Summer 1978): 5-17.
"The Placebo Organization"  Barthol, Richard P., 20/4 (Summer 1978): 26-30.
"The Rearranged Work Week: Evaluations of Different Work Schedules"  Mahoney, Thomas A., 20/4 (Summer 1978): 31-39.
"Training Expatriates for Managerial Assignments in Japan"  Harari, Ehud , and Yoram Zeira, 20/4 (Summer 1978): 56-62.


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