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"BOOK REVIEW: The Organization and the Artist: A Book Review Essay"  Fox, Douglas M., 21/4 (Summer 1979): 90-94.
"Caring and Power"  Dyer, William G., 21/4 (Summer 1979): 84-89.
"Conflict Resolution: What Works?"  Phillips, Eleanor , and Ric Cheston, 21/4 (Summer 1979): 76-83.
"Health Costs: Saving in the Private Sector"  Robeson, Franklin E., 21/4 (Summer 1979): 49-56.
"Public Consequences of Private Action: The Marketing of Infant Formula in Less Developed Countries"  Sethi, S. Prakash, and James E. Post, 21/4 (Summer 1979): 35-48.
"The Confidentiality of the Auditor-Client Relationship"  Reckers, Philip M.J., and Homer L. Bates, 21/4 (Summer 1979): 64-69.
"The Impact of Achievement Motivation Training on Small Businesses"  Miron, David , and David C. McClelland, 21/4 (Summer 1979): 13-28.
"The Line of Business Program--The FTC’s New Tool"  Linder, B. J., and Allan H. Savage, 21/4 (Summer 1979): 57-63.
"The Management of Nonrenewable Resources"  Schwab, Bernhard, 21/4 (Summer 1979): 5-12.
"Transfer Pricing and Interdivisional Conflict"  Lambert, David R., 21/4 (Summer 1979): 70-75.


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