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"A Theory of Return for Deposit: Economic and Logistical Implications of Legislation"  Lambert, Douglas M., and Jeffrey G. Towle, 22/4 (Summer 1980): 65-73.
"Beyond EOE and Affirmative Action: Working on the Integration of the Work Place"  Klein, Gerald D., 22/4 (Summer 1980): 74-81.
"China's Law on Joint Ventures"  Nehemkis, Peter , and Alexis Nehemkis, 22/4 (Summer 1980): 37-46.
"Foreign Acquisition in the U.S.: A Neomercantilist Challenge"  Cao, A. D., 22/4 (Summer 1980): 47-55.
"Marketing Executives' Perceptions of a Salary Increase"  Futrell, Charles M., and Patrick L. Schul, 22/4 (Summer 1980): 87-93.
"The Dimensions of Planning in Large, Industrialized Organizations"  Leontiades, Milton, 22/4 (Summer 1980): 82-86.
"Unions and Wages: What We've Learned Since the '50s"  Mitchell, Daniel J.B., 22/4 (Summer 1980): 56-64.
"Variations in Corporate Social Performance"  Kuntz, Edwin C., Banwari L. Kedia, and Carlton J. Whitehead, 22/4 (Summer 1980): 30-36.
"What Corporate Ethics Statements Say"  Chatov, Robert, 22/4 (Summer 1980): 20-29.
"What's Bothering Those Shareholder-Plaintiffs?"  Jones, Thomas M., 22/4 (Summer 1980): 5-18.


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