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"Alternative Approaches to Complying with NEPA: A Cost-Benefit Analysis"  Drtina, Ralph E., 24/4 (Summer 1982): 68-76.
"Business Ethics: A Trojan Horse?"  Williams, Oscar F., 24/4 (Summer 1982): 14-24.
"Foreign Investment in LDCs: Egypt"  Elsaid, Hussein H., and M. S. El-Hennawi, 24/4 (Summer 1982): 85-91.
"Four Faces of the Fully Functioning Middle Manager"  Keys, Bernard , and Robert Bell, 24/4 (Summer 1982): 59-67.
"Help for Chief Executives: The Outside Consultant"  Weinshall, Theodore D., 24/4 (Summer 1982): 47-58.
"Leadership in a Declining Work Ethic"  Howard, Ann , and James A. Wilson, 24/4 (Summer 1982): 33-46.
"Management and the New Egalitarianism: McGuire Revisited"  Shin, Bon Gon, and Elliot Zashin, 24/4 (Summer 1982): 5-13.
"No-Fault Criminal Liability for Executives"  Goldberg, Leonard D., and Kenneth D. Walters, 24/4 (Summer 1982): 25-32.
"Sizing Up New Capital Dividend Reinvestment Plans"  Fredman, Albert J., and John R. Nichols, 24/4 (Summer 1982): 77-84.


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