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"American and Chinese Managers in U.S. Companies in Taiwan: A Comparison"  Chang, Samuel K.C., 27/4 (Summer 1985): 144-156.
"BOOK REVIEW: A Reader’s Guide to the Industrial Policy Debate"  Jarboe, Kenan Patrick, 27/4 (Summer 1985): 198-219.
"Commercial Aircraft: Cooperation and Competition Between the U.S. and Japan"  Mowery, David C., and Nathan Rosenberg, 27/4 (Summer 1985): 70-92.
"Creating Jobs Through Pension Fund Investments in Real Estate: Innovations from California"  Blakely, Edward J., James Lynch, and Kenneth Skudrna, 27/4 (Summer 1985): 184-197.
"East Asian Financial Systems as a Challenge to Economics: Lessons from Taiwan"  Wade, Robert, 27/4 (Summer 1985): 106-127.
"Labor Relations in China"  Nelson, James A., and John A. Reeder, 27/4 (Summer 1985): 13-32.
"Lessons from the Chrysler Bailout"  Reich, Robert B., and John D. Donahue, 27/4 (Summer 1985): 157-183. *
"Marketing and the Modernization of China"  Holton, Richard H., 27/4 (Summer 1985): 33-45.
"The American Semiconductor Industry and the Ascendancy of East Asia"  Davis, Warren E., and Daryl G. Hatano, 27/4 (Summer 1985): 128-143.
"The Institutional Foundations of Japanese Industrial Policy"  Johnson, Chalmers, 27/4 (Summer 1985): 59-69.
"The Management Practices of Japanese Subsidiaries Overseas"  Negandhi, Anant R., Golpira S. Eshghi, and Edith C. Yuen, 27/4 (Summer 1985): 93-105.
"U.S. Joint Ventures in China: Motivation and Management of Political Risk"  Daniels, John D., Jeffrey Krug, and Douglas Nigh, 27/4 (Summer 1985): 46-58.

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