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"Auditing in the 1990s: Implications for Education and Research"  Elliott, Robert K., 28/4 (Summer 1986): 89-97.
"BOOK REVIEW: Through the Employee Ownership Maze"  Mitchell, Will , and Judith Kenner Thompson, 28/4 (Summer 1986): 115-128.
"Competition and Compassion"  Peters, Tom, 28/4 (Summer 1986): 11-26. *
"Foreign Policy Exports Controls and American Multinational Corporations"  Lindell, Erik, 28/4 (Summer 1986): 27-39.
"Growth Market Forecasting Revisited: A Look Back at a Look Forward"  Schnaars, Steven P., and Conrad Berenson, 28/4 (Summer 1986): 71-88.
"Is There a New Collective Bargaining?"  Chaison, Gary N., and Mark S. Plovnick, 28/4 (Summer 1986): 54-61.
"Management Imperatives for the Year 2000"  Guest, Robert H., 28/4 (Summer 1986): 62-70.
"Organizational Psychology and the Pursuit of the Happy/Productive Worker"  Staw, Barry M., 28/4 (Summer 1986): 40-53.
"Why Is It Difficult to Implement Industrial Policies: Lessons from the Synfuels Experience"  Marcus, Alfred A., and Allen Kaufman, 28/4 (Summer 1986): 98-114.

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