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"BOOK REVIEW: Regulation and Deregulation"  Cohen, Isaac, 29/4 (Summer 1987): 169-184.
"Creating and Managing Joint Ventures in China"  Davidson, William H., 29/4 (Summer 1987): 77-94.
"Divestment and Disinvestment from South Africa: A Reappraisal"  Beaty, David , and Oren Harari, 29/4 (Summer 1987): 31-50.
"Implementing ‘Growth’ and ‘Harvest’ Product Strategies"  Bart, Christopher K., 29/4 (Summer 1987): 139-156.
"Investing in Retrenchment: Avoiding the Hidden Costs"  Hardy, Cynthia, 29/4 (Summer 1987): 111-125.
"Management Style and Practice of Korean Chaebols"  Yoo, Sangjin , and Sang M. Lee, 29/4 (Summer 1987): 95-110.
"Matrix Management: Contradictions and Insights"  Larson, Erik W., and David H. Gobeli, 29/4 (Summer 1987): 126-138.
"Middle East Response to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act"  Gillespie, Kate, 29/4 (Summer 1987): 9-30.
"Takeovers and Stockholders: Winners and Losers"  Weidenbaum, Murray L., and Stephen Vogt, 29/4 (Summer 1987): 157-168.
"Technological Pioneering and Competitive Advantage: The Birth of the VCR Industry"  Rosenbloom, Richard S., and Michael A. Cusumano, 29/4 (Summer 1987): 51-76.


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