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"Chip Wars: Can the U.S. Regain Its Advantage in Micro-electronics?"  Borrus, Michael, 30/4 (Summer 1988): 64-79. *
"Improving the Performance of the Stock Market"  Kyle, Albert S., 30/4 (Summer 1988): 90-114.
"Insider Trading: How Well Do You Understand the Current Status of the Law?"  Tidwell, Gary L., and Abdul Aziz, 30/4 (Summer 1988): 115-123.
"Japanese-Style Management in America"  Johnson, Chalmers, 30/4 (Summer 1988): 34-45.
"Portfolio Insurance and October 19th"  Leland, Hayne E., 30/4 (Summer 1988): 80-89.
"Recapturing America's Manufacturing Heritage"  Clark, Kim B., and Robert H. Hayes, 30/4 (Summer 1988): 9-33. *
"Religion and Business: The Catholic Church and the American Economy"  Velasquez, Manuel , and Gerald Cavanagh, 30/4 (Summer 1988): 124-140.
"The Construction Market: Japan Slams the Door"  Cutts, Robert L., 30/4 (Summer 1988): 46-63.

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