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"An Alternative to Free Trade or Protectionism: Why Corporations Seek Strategic Trade Policy"  Yoffie, David B., and Helen V. Milner, 31/4 (Summer 1989): 113-131.
"Corporations, Culture, and Commitment: Motivation and Social Control in Organizations"  O‚ÄôReilly, Charles A., 31/4 (Summer 1989): 9-25.
"Outstanding Manufacturing in the Coming Decade"  Edmondson, Harold E., and Steven C. Wheelwright, 31/4 (Summer 1989): 70-90.
"Responding to the Challenge of HDTV"  Hart, Jeffrey A., and Laura D'Andrea Tyson, 31/4 (Summer 1989): 132-145.
"Selling American Medical Equipment in Japan"  Foote, Susan Bartlett, and Will Mitchell, 31/4 (Summer 1989): 146-161.
"Strategic Use of Technology"  Morone, Joseph G., 31/4 (Summer 1989): 91-112.
"Swimming in Newstreams: Mastering Innovation Dilemmas"  Kanter, Rosabeth Moss, 31/4 (Summer 1989): 38-69. *
"When Does Union-Management Cooperation Work? A Look at NUMMI and GM-Van Nuys"  Brown, Clair , and Michael Reich, 31/4 (Summer 1989): 26-37.

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