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"Managing High Reliability Organizations"  Roberts, Karlene H., 32/4 (Summer 1990): 101-113.
"Managing Suppliers: Incentive Systems In Japanese and United States Industries"  McMillan, John, 32/4 (Summer 1990): 38-55.
"Participation, Productivity, and the Firm's Environment"  Levine, David I., 32/4 (Summer 1990): 86-100.
"The Bridgestone/Firestone Story"  Nevin, John J., 32/4 (Summer 1990): 114-132.
"The International Competitiveness of Japanese Service Industries: A Cause for Concern?"  Enderwick, Peter, 32/4 (Summer 1990): 22-37.
"Transferring Core Manufacturing Technologies in High-Technology Firms"  Galbraith, Craig S., 32/4 (Summer 1990): 56-70.
"Transition Shock: Can the East Get There from Here?"  Rosefielde, Steven , and D. Quinn Mills, 32/4 (Summer 1990): 9-21.
"U.S. Quality Improvement in the Auto Industry: Close but No Cigar"  Cole, Robert E., 32/4 (Summer 1990): 71-85.


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