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"Business Ethics: New Perspectives on Old Problems"  Vogel, David J., 33/4 (Summer 1991): 101-117.
"Cost of Capital: The Managerial Perspective"  Morone, Joseph G., and Albert S. Paulson, 33/4 (Summer 1991): 9-32.
"Enfranchisement of Service Workers"  Schlesinger, Leonard A., and James L. Heskett, 33/4 (Summer 1991): 83-100.
"Socializing Our MBAs: Total Immersion? Managed Cultures? Brainwashing?"  Leavitt, Harold J., 33/4 (Summer 1991): 127-143.
"Strategies for Managing Suppliers of Professional Services"  Baker, Wayne E., and Robert R. Faulkner, 33/4 (Summer 1991): 33-45.
"The Case of Workgroups in Manufacturing Operations"  Safizadeh, M. Hossein, 33/4 (Summer 1991): 61-82.
"The Open Corporation"  Wagner, Harvey E., 33/4 (Summer 1991): 46-60.
"Western Business Should Approach Eastern Europe Mindful of Experience in East Asia"  Dickie, Robert B., 33/4 (Summer 1991): 118-126.


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