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"Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Organizational Choice: A Sociotechnical System Approach"  Shani, A. B., Robert M. Grant, R Krishnan, and Eric Thompson, 34/4 (Summer 1992): 91-111.
"Causes of Failure in Network Organizations"  Miles, Raymond E., and Charles C. Snow, 34/4 (Summer 1992): 53-72.
"Information Disclosure Strategy"  Lev, Baruch, 34/4 (Summer 1992): 9-32.
"Managing Risk in Advanced Manufacturing Technology"  Hottenstein, Michael P., and James W. Dean, 34/4 (Summer 1992): 112-126.
"Our Federalist Future: The Leadership Imperative"  O’Toole, James , and Warren G. Bennis, 34/4 (Summer 1992): 73-90.
"Takeover or Makeover? Japanese Investment in America"  Noble, Gregory W., 34/4 (Summer 1992): 127-147.
"The Emerging Flexible Organization: Perspectives from Silicon Valley"  Bahrami, Homa, 34/4 (Summer 1992): 33-52.


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