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"Comparative Capitalism: The Japanese Difference"  Johnson, Chalmers, 35/4 (Summer 1993): 51-67.
"Get Closer to Your Customers by Understanding How They Make Choices"  Simonson, Itamar, 35/4 (Summer 1993): 68-84.
"Integrating Manufacturing into the Strategic Phases of New Product Development"  Gerwin, Donald, 35/4 (Summer 1993): 121-134.
"Manufacturing Strategic Planning"  Garvin, David A., 35/4 (Summer 1993): 85-106.
"SEMATECH after Five Years: High-Technology Consortia and U.S. Competitiveness"  Spencer, William J., and Peter C. Grindley, 35/4 (Summer 1993): 9-32.
"Strategic Challenges and Proposed Responses to Competitiveness through Public-Sector Technology"  Radosevich, Raymond , and Suleiman K. Kassicieh, 35/4 (Summer 1993): 33-50.
"Trade-Offs? What Trade-Offs? Competence and Competitiveness in Manufacturing Strategy"  Corbett, Charles , and Luk N. Van Wassenhove, 35/4 (Summer 1993): 107-120.


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