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"An Action Perspective: The Crux of the New Management"  Nohria, Nitin , and James D. Berkley, 36/4 (Summer 1994): 70-92.
"Beyond Free Trade to Fair Trade"  Kinnock, Neil, 36/4 (Summer 1994): 124-135.
"Business Process Reengineering: Improving In New Strategic Directions"  Dixon, J. Robb, Peter Arnold, Janelle Heineke, Jay S. Kim, and Paul Mulligan, 36/4 (Summer 1994): 93-108.
"Continuous Learning About Markets"  Day, George S., 36/4 (Summer 1994): 9-31.
"Examining the Practices of United States and Japanese Market Research Firms"  Naumann, Earl , Donald W. Jackson, and William G. Wolfe, 36/4 (Summer 1994): 49-69.
"Human Resource Management Lessons from a Decade of Total Quality Management and Reengineering"  Schonberger, Richard J., 36/4 (Summer 1994): 109-123.
"Managing Corporate and Brand Identities in the Asia Pacific Region"  Schmitt, Bernd H., and Yigang Pan, 36/4 (Summer 1994): 32-48.


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