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"Enduring Dilemmas in U.S. Technology Policy"  Ham, Rose Marie, and David C. Mowery, 37/4 (Summer 1995): 89-107.
"Is the ‘Skills Gap’ Really About Attitudes?"  Cappelli, Peter, 37/4 (Summer 1995): 108-124.
"Relationship Banking and Competitive Advantage: Evidence from the U.S. and Germany"  Keltner, Brent, 37/4 (Summer 1995): 45-72.
"The Dynamics of Change in Corporate Community Relations"  Waddock, Sandra A., and Mary-Ellen Boyle, 37/4 (Summer 1995): 125-140.
"The Effects Of Organizational Downsizing On Product Innovation"  Dougherty, Deborah , and Edward H. Bowman, 37/4 (Summer 1995): 28-44.
"The International Transferability of the Firm's Advantages"  Hu, Yao-Su, 37/4 (Summer 1995): 73-88.
"Too Close for Comfort?: The Strategic Implications of Getting Close to the Customer"  Macdonald, Stuart, 37/4 (Summer 1995): 8-27.


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