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"Competing in the Age of Digital Convergence"  Yoffie, David B., 38/4 (Summer 1996): 31-53. *
"Myths about Diversity: What Managers Need to Know About Changes in the U.S. Labor Force"  Friedman, Judith J., and Nancy DiTomaso, 38/4 (Summer 1996): 54-77.
"The ‘Honda Effect’ Revisited"  Mintzberg, Henry , Richard T. Pascale, Michael Goold, and Richard P. Rumelt, 38/4 (Summer 1996): 78-117.
"The Ambidextrous Organization: Managing Evolutionary and Revolutionary Change"  Tushman, Michael L., and Charles A. O’Reilly, 38/4 (Summer 1996): 8-30.
"The Chinese Family Business Enterprise"  Weidenbaum, Murray L., 38/4 (Summer 1996): 141-156.
"The Integrity of a Catholic Management Education"  Naughton, Michael J., and Thomas A. Bausch, 38/4 (Summer 1996): 118-140.

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