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"A Silicon Valley of the East: Creating Taiwan's Semiconductor Industry"  Mathews, John A., 39/4 (Summer 1997): 26-54.
"Creating Lean Suppliers: Diffusing Lean Production throughout the Supply Chain"  MacDuffie, John Paul, and Susan Helper, 39/4 (Summer 1997): 118-151.
"Enterprise Logistics in the Information Era"  Greis, Noel P., and John D. Kasarda, 39/4 (Summer 1997): 55-78.
"Multi-Technology Corporations: Why They Have 'Distributed' Rather than 'Distinctive Core' Competencies"  Granstrand, Ove , Pari Patel, and Keith Pavitt, 39/4 (Summer 1997): 8-25.
"Reinventing Workplace Regulation"  Levine, David I., 39/4 (Summer 1997): 98-117.
"Risk Mitigation in Large-Scale Systems: Lessons from High Reliability Organizations"  Grabowski, Martha , and Karlene H. Roberts, 39/4 (Summer 1997): 152-162.
"When Work Becomes Home and Home Becomes Work"  Hochschild, Arlie Russell, 39/4 (Summer 1997): 79-97. *

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