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"Localizing in the Global Village: Local Firms Competing in Global Markets"  Ger, G├╝liz, 41/4 (Summer 1999): 64-83.
"Market Segmentation Strategies and Service Sector Productivity"  Keltner, Brent , David Finegold, Geoff Mason, and Karin Wagner, 41/4 (Summer 1999): 84-102.
"Old Economic Logic in the New Economy"  Tyson, Laura D'Andrea, 41/4 (Summer 1999): 8-16.
"Private Enterprises and Public Obligations: Achieving Sustainable Development"  Reilly, William K., 41/4 (Summer 1999): 17-26.
"The Impact of U.S. Lobbying Practice on the European Business-Government Relationship"  Coen, David, 41/4 (Summer 1999): 27-44.
"When Ethics Travel: The Promise and Peril of Global Business Ethics"  Donaldson, Thomas , and Thomas W. Dunfee, 41/4 (Summer 1999): 45-63. *
"Why Information Technology Inspired But Cannot Deliver Knowledge Management"  McDermott, Richard, 41/4 (Summer 1999): 103-117.

* This article is copyright protected and not available for purchase.

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