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"A Framework for Customer Relationship Management"  Winer, Russell S., 43/4 (Summer 2001): 89-105.
"Nobody Ever Gets Credit for Fixing Problems that Never Happened: Creating and Sustaining Process Improvement"  Repenning, Nelson P., and John D. Sterman, 43/4 (Summer 2001): 64-88.
"Past the Tipping Point: The Persistence of Firefighting in Product Development"  Repenning, Nelson P., Paulo Gonçalves, and Laura J. Black, 43/4 (Summer 2001): 44-63.
"System Dynamics Modeling: Tools for Learning in a Complex World"  Sterman, John D., 43/4 (Summer 2001): 8-25.
"The Customer Pyramid: Creating and Serving Profitable Customers"  Zeithaml, Valarie A., Roland T. Rust, and Katherine N. Lemon, 43/4 (Summer 2001): 118-142.
"Tradeoffs in Responses to Work Pressure in the Service Industry"  Oliva, Rogelio, 43/4 (Summer 2001): 26-43.
"Uncovering Patterns in Cybershopping"  Moe, Wendy W., and Peter S. Fader, 43/4 (Summer 2001): 106-117.


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