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"Client Co-Production in Knowledge-Intensive Business Services"  Bettencourt, Lance A., Amy L. Ostrom, Stephen W. Brown, and Robert I. Roundtree, 44/4 (Summer 2002): 100-128.
"Co-Leadership: Lessons from Republican Rome"  Sally, David, 44/4 (Summer 2002): 84-99.
"Executive Stock Option Repricing: Retention and Performance Reconsidered"  Daily, Catherine M., S. Trevis Certo, and Dan R. Dalton, 44/4 (Summer 2002): 8-23.
"Knowledge Management: Philosophy, Processes, and Pitfalls"  Soo, Christine , Timothy M. Devinney, David F. Midgley, and Anne Deering, 44/4 (Summer 2002): 129-150.
"Leveraging Internet Technologies in B2B Relationships"  Jap, Sandy D., and Jakki J. Mohr, 44/4 (Summer 2002): 24-38.
"Marketing Financial Services to the African-American Consumer: A Comparative Analysis of Investment Portfolio Composition"  Stevenson, Thomas H., and D. Anthony Plath, 44/4 (Summer 2002): 39-64.
"When Two (or More) Heads are Better than One: The Promise and Pitfalls of Shared Leadership"  O’Toole, James , Jay Galbraith, and Edward E. Lawler, 44/4 (Summer 2002): 65-83.


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